Jingtong: Jingtong (traditional Chinese: 菁桐) is a place in Pingsi Township, Taiwan. Originally a coal mining town, today it is known mostly for tourism, with numerous souvenir shops and exhibits on the history of the area and the coal mining industry. Jingtong Railway Station was built by the Japanese in the 1930s. The town is a terminus of the Pingsi Line of the Taiwan Railway Administration.
Richard Secord (Alberta politician): Richard Secord died January 12, 1935. Edmonton's Secord neighbourhood and Ecole Richard Secord School are named in his honour.
Battle of Schooneveld: The Franco-Dutch War of 1672–1678 resulted from the attempts of Louis XIV of France to annex the Spanish Netherlands. In 1672 troops from France, Münster and Cologne invaded the Netherlands by land, while England's navy attacked Dutch shipping and threatened a seaborne invasion. The conflict between England and The Republic is commonly called the Third Anglo-Dutch War.
Parrs Wood: Parrs Wood is home to Parrs Wood High School and Sixth Form Centre, a Tesco supermarket, and Parrs Wood Entertainment Centre.
Republican-American: The newspaper is made up of more than 40 reporters covering Greater Waterbury, the Naugatuck River Valley, Pomperaug and the Litchfield area. More than 50 towns are included in the newspaper's coverage area.
Caballococha: The name of the town is a combination of Spanish and Quechua, meaning "Horse Lake".
Fagus crenata: Fagus crenata, known as the Japanese beech, Siebold's beech, or buna, is a deciduous tree of the beech family Fagaceae. It is native to Japan where it is widespread and often one of the dominant trees of Japan's deciduous forests.[1] It is found from the Oshima Peninsula in Hokkaidō south to the Ōsumi Peninsula in Kyūshū. In north-east Honshū it grows in large stands from sea level up to 1400 metres but in the south-west of its range it is restricted to mountainous areas and occurs in small, isolated populations. It grows in well-drained, loamy or sandy soils.
Margaret Mead Award: The Margaret Mead Award is presented to a younger scholar for a particular accomplishment such as a book, film, monograph, or service, which interprets anthropological data and principles in ways that make them meaningful and accessible to a broadly concerned public. The award is designed to recognize a person clearly associated with research and/or practice in anthropology. The awardee's activity will exemplify skills in broadening the impact of anthropology, the skills for which Margaret Mead was admired widely.
Spyder MR1: The Spyder MR1 is a low-end mechanical marker. Much like its newer, electronic counterparts, the Spyder MR2, MR3 and E-MR1, it has an offset feedneck for rifle-like sighting, a 12 inch muzzle brake barrel, an anti-double feed detent to prevent double feeding.
Czechoslovak First League 1985-86: It was performed in 16 teams, and FC Vítkovice won the championship.
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Pat Goss: Pat Goss is a Washington D.C. radio and television personality. Goss is the master technician on the television program MotorWeek and hosts a weekend radio show on Talk Radio 3WT, (WWWT 1500AM, WWWT 107.7FM and WWWB 820AM) about cars. On his radio show, Goss answers questions regarding "automotive safety, performance and care". In addition to his radio show, he hosts a similarly formatted television talk show on News Channel 8 in Washington D.C.
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Unterseeboot 533: On its first active patrol, U-533 was picked up by the allied forces just out of Lorient, and came under repeated attacks from allied aircraft, giving it very little opportunity to cause any damage to allied shipping.
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Longone Sabino: Longone Sabino borders the following municipalities: Ascrea, Belmonte in Sabina, Cittaducale, Concerviano, Petrella Salto, Rieti, Rocca Sinibalda.
Ichijō Akiyoshi: Ichijō Akiyoshi (一条 昭良, Ichijō Akiyoshi? 1605-1672), son of Emperor Go-Yōzei and adopted son of regent Uchimoto, was a kugyō (court noble) of the Edo period (1603–1868) of Japan. He held regent positions kampaku in 1629 and from 1647 to 1651, and sesshō from 1629 to 1635 and in 1647. His wife was a daughter of Oda Yorinaga, and with her he had a daughter and sons Norisuke and Fuyumoto. Fuyumoto was later adopted by Daigo family, a branch of Ichijō family.
Uayma: The church was built originally by the Spaniards to enforce their culture in Uayma, which was at the time an important Mayan center. Stones from nearby Mayan temples (including Chichen Itza) were used to build the church, some of which can be seen on the facade. In the 19th Century, the church was practically destroyed in the Caste War of Yucatan when the Cruzob Mayas tried to eradicate all evidence of Spanish rule in the Yucatan Peninsula. Other colonial structures and more recently-built structures, including a railway station, remain in various states of disrepair around the town.
Pat O'Connell: Patrick O'Connell (b.1971) Influential Surfer and star alongside Robert "Wingnut" Weaver in Bruce Brown's The Endless Summer II. [1]
WLWI: WLWI could refer to two radio stations in the United States:
Damaged (Black Flag album): Longtime SST employee Joe Carducci has reported that the "anti parent" statement was a red herring. In fact, according to Carducci, Unicorn Records was so poorly managed and so deeply in debt that MCA would lose money in distributing Damaged, regardless of its content, and was eager to sever its relationship with Unicorn by any possible pretext.[8]
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Mountain View, Ontario: Canadian Forces Detachment (CFD) Mountainview is located in Prince Edward County on the north shore of Lake Ontario. The former British Commonwealth Air Training Plan base is home to the Central Region Gliding School (CRGS) of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets.
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