Charles Bent (chess): Beginning in 1975, he edited the British Chess Magazine monthly study column for ten years and contributed several articles to the EG quarterly study magazine. In 1993, together with Timothy Whitworth, he published a selection of 288 of his best endgame studies, entitled The Best of Bent.[1]
Bétête: Bétête is a village and commune in the Creuse département of central France.
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Savannah River: The Savannah River is tidal at Savannah, Georgia and downstream. From Savannah downstream, the river broadens into an estuary before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. The area where the river's estuary meets the ocean is known as "Tybee Roads".
Polyadenylation: Polyadenylation occurs after transcription of DNA into RNA in the nucleus. After the polyadenylation signal has been transcribed, the mRNA chain is cleaved through the action of an endonuclease complex associated with RNA polymerase. The cleavage site is characterized by the presence of the base sequence AAUAAA near the cleavage site. After the mRNA has been cleaved, 50 to 250 adenine residues are added to the free 3' end at the cleavage site. This reaction is catalyzed by polyadenylate polymerase.
Nanganallur: Nanganallur is now not just a suburb. It is providing an amazing atmosphere for raising a family. It provides very good education opportunities through excellent educational institutions such as Modern Senior Secondary School, Hindu Colony Chellammal Vidyalaya, Prince Matriculation Higher Secondary School to name a few. Further, many of the popular colleges in the city of Chennai have their buses plying to Nanganallur. The impact of globalisation is seen now as the highly paid software professionals working in the IT(Information Technology) sector throng here due to congestion in the main city. With their coming the land cost has started shooting up of late.
Kultayevka River: The Kultayevka (Russian: Култаевка) is a small river in Perm, a right tributary of the Mulyanka. It flows through the Industrialny City District to South-West. It is about 0.8 kilometers long.
Clan Hall: Upon entering England, the Hall's were actually members of the Fitz William family, they being settled in Greatford Hall in Lincolnshire, and being directly descended from Wentworth, Earl FitzWilliam. The younger son of this noble house, Arthur FitzWilliam, was called 'Hall', to distinguish him from his senior brother. Arthur Hall would be the first on record about the year 1090. The line continued in Lincolnshire, and intermarried with the Crispins, and the Earls of Chester. In Cheshire England, the Hall's were a cadet branch of the Kingsley Hall's of that county. By 1340, the name had moved northward at the invitation of Earl David of Huntingdon, later to become King David II of Scotland. In Scotland, they were granted lands in Berwickshire, specifically the lands of Glenryg in the barony of Lesmahagow.
Emily Robin: In 1898 she started a brothel in Hull, England called “Gamine”. It became one the most notorious cat-houses in Western Europe, primarily for its large occupancy and the (relatively) high prices charged.
Robot Taekwon V and Golden Wing 123: Robot Taekwon V and Golden Wing 123 (로보트 태권브이와 황금날개 123) is an animated science-fiction film by director Kim Cheong-gi. It is a sequel to his popular Robot Taekwon V and Golden Wing films.
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Shangluo: The name, Shangluo, comes from Hai dynasty when four famous people were settled in Shangshan mountain to avoid war and famine.
Archdiocese of Capua: Bishop Memorius, who held a council to deal with the Schism of Antioch and the heresy of Bonosus, is often mentioned in the letters of St. Augustine and St. Paulinus, and was the father of the ardent Pelagian Julian of Eclanum. In 443, Priscus, an exile from North Africa and a man of great sanctity, was elected bishop; possibly it is his name that popular tradition carried back to the head of the list of Capuan bishops. Another incumbent of this see was Germanus, whom Pope Hormisdas sent twice to Constantinople to restore unity with the Roman Church. In 541, Bishop Benedictus died and was ever afterwards held in repute of sanctity. His successor, Victor of Capua, (541-554), was a learned exegete.
Arthur Nicolson, 1st Baron Carnock: Arthur Nicolson, 1st Baron Carnock (1849-1928), known as Sir Arthur Nicolson, 11th Baronet, from 1899 to 1916, was a British diplomat and politician through the last quarter of the 19th century to the middle of World War I. He was educated at Rugby and Oxford
West Lexham: Its church, St. Nicholas, is one of 124 existing round-tower churches in Norfolk.
Swindler (disambiguation): A swindler is generally a charlatan, a person practicing quackery or some similar confidence trick in order to obtain money or advantage by pretense.
Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd: Llanfair Dyffryn Clwyd is a village in Denbighshire in the Vale of Clwyd about one mile south of Ruthin. By the 2001 census, it had 1048 residents and 50.6% of them could speak Welsh. The age group with the highest percentage of Welsh speakers was the 15 year olds where every one could speak it.
XLIFERUINERx Demo 2006: xLIFERUINERx Demo 2006 is the third release by the Candian straight edge metalcore band Liferuiner, released in 2006. This release was made available during their March 2006 concert tour, and features demo versions of songs that would be released as part of No Saints. All songs featured on this disc can be heard at Last.fm.
Marmion Avenue, Perth: Marmion Avenue starts at the end of West Coast Highway at the Karrinyup Road intersection in Trigg, and currently ends at the Kingsbridge Boulevard & Jindalee Boulevard Junction in Butler/Jindalee. All major intersections are controlled by traffic lights, or in some cases very large roundabouts.
HMS Sutlej: Three ships of the Royal Navy have borne the name HMS Sutlej, after the Sutlej, a river that flows through modern day India and Pakistan:
Groß Rosenburg: Coordinates: 51°54′56″N 11°53′11″E / 51.91556, 11.88639
New Zealand general election, 1949: The date for the main elections was a Wednesday, November 30. Elections to the four Māori seats were held the day before—the 1949 elections were the last in which Māori voted on a different day. 1,113,852 people were registered to vote, although rolls for the Māori seats were "woefully inadequate." Voter turnout for the elections is disputed, given the problems with the Māori roll—some sources place it at 93.5 percent, while others estimate 92.9 percent. Regardless, the turnout was relatively high for the time. The number of seats being contested was 80, a number which had been fixed since 1902.
Hungarosaurus: Four specimens of Hungarosaurus tormai are known, all collected from an open-pit bauxite mine near the village of Iharkút, Veszprém County, in the Balkony Mountains (Transdanubian Range) of western Hungary. The quarry exposes the Csehbánya Formation (which overlies the Halimba Formation, also Cretaceous in age), which is a floodplain and channel deposit consisting largely of sandy clays and sandstone beds. The specimen designated as the holotype is MTM Gyn/404 (in the collections of the Magyar Természettudományi Múzeum, Budapest, Hungary) and consists of 450 bones, including portions of the skull (premaxilla, left prefrontal, left lacrimal, right postorbital, jugal and quadratojugal, left frontal, pterygoid, vomer, the right quadrate and a fragment of the left quadrate, basioccipital, one hyoid), an incomplete right mandible, three cervical vertebrae, six dorsal vertebrae, ten caudal vertebrae, ossified tendon fragments, three cerival and thirteen dorsal ribs, five chevrons, the left scapulocoracoid, right scapula, portions of the right manus, a partial pelvis, and more than one hundred osteoderms.
Matthew Hilger: As of 2007, his total live tournament winnings exceed $210,000.
Jacoona: Jacoona is a genus of butterfly in the family Lycaenidae.
Helen MacDonald (Prince Edward Island politician): Helen MacDonald is a Canadian politician, who was a member of the Legislative Assembly of Prince Edward Island from 1996 to 2007. She represented the electoral district of St. Eleanors-Summerside and was a member of the Progressive Conservative Party.
Presto! Recording Studios: Because of Lincoln's plan to dismantle most of the streets around the facility in the distant future, Mike Mogis is planning to relocate Presto! Studios to a 5,000 square foot indoor basketball court in Omaha, Nebraska. The new studio will be co-owned by Mike Mogis and Conor Oberst. A.J. Mogis has not yet decided if he will be involved.[1]
Jason Garey: 1 Senior club appearances and goals counted for the domestic league only and correct as of 13 January, 2008. 2 National team caps and goals correct as of 3 December, 2006. * Appearances (Goals)
1st Dental Battalion: 1st Dental Battalion is unit of the United States Navy that supports United States Marine Corps forces. The battalion includes fifteen dental clinics spread throughout California and Arizona. The unit is based out of Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton and falls under the command of the 1st Marine Logistics Group and the I Marine Expeditionary Force.
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