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New England Interstate Route 19: New England Interstate Route 19 or NE-19 was a 124-mile east-west New England Interstate Highway connecting Bethlehem, New Hampshire (at the northern terminus of NE-18) with Brunswick, Maine (at NE-1). While the route was listed in the original 1922 plan, it was never signed in the field.[citation needed]
Gary Shelton: Gary's son, Andy Shelton, played for Chester while Gary was on the coaching staff.
Riverland/Walnut Hills, Roanoke, Virginia: With its oldest home dating from 1885, the initial wave development within Riverland/Walnut Hills occurred in the 1920s with many homes constructed in the Arts and Crafts Bungalow and the American Foursquare styles.[2] After a period of slowdown, construction would once again pick-up in the 1940s-50s with many structures constructed in the Cottage and Ranch styles.[2]
Carolyn K. Peterson: Carolyn K. Peterson is Ithaca, New York's first female mayor, first elected in 2003 and reelected in 2007. She is a member of the Democratic Party, and her current term will end December 31, 2011.
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Gaspar Llamazares: Llamazares was elected deputy in the Spanish Congress for the constituency of Asturias in the 2000 General Elections. Following the poor results obtained by IU in that elections (20 deputies in 1996 and 8 in 2000), Llamazares announced his intentions to run for the post of General Coordinator in the Coalition's sixth Federal Assembly due to be held December that year. During the Assembly the post was contested by Francisco Frutos Secretary General of the Communist Party of Spain and Angeles Maestro who was supported by the most radical factions of IU along with Llamazares, who was supported by the then General Coordinator Julio Anguita. In the Election for the Political Committee the list backing Llamazares obtained 32 seats whilst the list backing Frutos obtained 30 seats and the list backing maestro obtained 13 seats. In the following General Coordinator election Maestro's supporters abstained, allowing Llamazares to be elected as General Coordinator. Being the General Coordinator Llamazares was also designated as IU's parliamentary leader.
Kayseri Province: According to Turkish mythology, a man named Hasan Baba would cross mountains during the month of August every year and bring Ali Baba snow, which would not melt.
Ladybird Girl: "Ladybird Girl" is a single by The Pillows, released on August 15, 2007. The song will be featured in the cartoon series Ben 10 in the Japanese version only.
The Man from Snowy River: The Man from Snowy River is an 1890 Australian poem by Banjo Paterson.
Aliev Makhmud: Makhmud Aliev (born on February 13, 1970) is an olympic wrestler turned mixed martial artist (MMA).[1] He is a two times Azerbaijan Wrestling Champion in 68 kg weight division. He is also a trainer for the Azerbaijan Olympic wrestling team since 2004. Makhmud made his mixed martial arts (MMA) debut on February 20, 2005 at the PRIDE 29 against the Pride veteran Kiyoshi Tamura. Kiyoshi Tamura defeated Aliev Makhmud by technical knockout at 7:09 of Round 1.
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Mozilla Public License: The MPL is the license for the Mozilla Application Suite, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird and other Mozilla software. Adobe has announced it will use MPL to licence its Flex product line by the end of 2007.[5] The MPL has been adapted by others as a license for their software, most notably Sun Microsystems, as the Common Development and Distribution License for OpenSolaris, the open source version of the Solaris 10 operating system.
Karuk traditional narratives: Achomawi · Atsugewi · Cahuilla · Chemehuevi · Chimariko · Chumash · Coast Miwok · Cupeño · Eastern Miwok · Eel River Athapaskans (Lassik, Nongatl, Sinkyone, Wailaki) · Gabrielino (Tongva) · Halchidhoma · Hupa (Chilula, Whilkut) · Karuk · Kato · Kawaiisu · Kitanemuk · Kumeyaay (Diegueño, Ipai, Tipai) · Lake Miwok · Luiseño · Maidu · Mattole (Bear River) · Modoc (Klamath) · Mohave · Mono (Monache, Owens Valley Paiute) · Northern Paiute · Ohlone (Costanoan) · Patwin · Pomo · Quechan (Yuma) · Salinan · Serrano · Shasta (Konomihu, Okwanuchu) · Tolowa · Tubatulabal · Wappo · Washoe · Western Shoshone · Wintu-Nomlaki · Wiyot · Yana · Yokuts · Yuki · Yurok
Bridget Harrison: Bridget Harrison (b. 22 February 1970) is the deputy editor of thelondonpaper[1], a London freesheet published by News international. Her book Tabloid Love: Looking for Mr Right in All the Wrong Places ISBN 0-7382-1044-7 chronicles her dating experience and the trials and tribulation as a 30-something single woman in New York City. Unlike "Sex and the City" by Candace Bushnell, the book is a memoir rather than a fiction, although the names of many characters in the book have been changed to protect their identity.
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Mountain View, Ontario: Canadian Forces Detachment (CFD) Mountainview is located in Prince Edward County on the north shore of Lake Ontario. The former British Commonwealth Air Training Plan base is home to the Central Region Gliding School (CRGS) of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets.
Privy examination: Stacy Braukman and Michael Ross,“Married Women’s Property and Male Coercion: United States Courts and the Role of the Privy Examination, 1860-1883,” Journal of Women’s History, 12 (Summer 2000): 57-80. For an online version of this article see: [1]
Henry James Nicholas: On 3 December 1917 at Polderhoek, Belgium, Private Nicholas, who was one of a Lewis gun section which was checked by heavy machine-gun and rifle fire from an enemy strong-point, went forward followed by the remainder of his section at an interval of about 25 yards, shot the officer in command of the strong-point and overcame the remainder of the garrison of 16 with bombs and bayonets, capturing four wounded prisoners and a machine-gun. He captured the strong-point practically single-handed and thereby saved many casualties. Subsequently he went out and collected ammunition under heavy machine-gun and rifle fire.
Şterpoaia River: The Şterpoaia River is a tributary of the Gilort River in Romania.
JuJu Chang: Chang is married to Neal Shapiro, former NBC News President.[3] They have three sons: Jared, Travis, and Mason Blake.[4] She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and a founding board member of the Korean American Community Foundation.
Jack Johnson (footballer): John "Jack" William Johnson (born February 12, 1919) was a former professional footballer, who played for Huddersfield Town, Grimsby Town & Shrewsbury Town. He was born in Newcastle upon Tyne.
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Glycopyrrolate: The medication also induces drowsiness or blurred visions, an effect exacerbated by the consumption of alcohol.
Alder Coppice Primary School: Alder Coppice includes extensive playgrounds and playing fields. The school grounds also incorporate a memorial garden, which was opened in 2000 in memory of the late Mrs Maureen Humphries, a long-serving former teacher. [1]
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