Dominic Carmon: Dominic Carmon (December 13, 1930) is a Roman Catholic bishop. A native of Opelousas, Louisiana, entered the Society of the Divine Word in 1946, being ordained on February 2, 1960.
Gabriel Jabbour: He made his debut in acting in 1957 in L'affaire Sarret-Schmidt on television. Between then and 1987 he made almost 70 appearances in film and TV with his career at its peak in the 1970s.
The HBO Voyeur Project: The Project includes the main website, HBO On Demand and HBO Mobile exclusive content, MySpace pages for the characters from the stories, supporting websites, and additional content for those willing to follow the breadcrumbs or "artifacts" hidden in the other media. Clues /discussion about voyeur artifacts found at the promotional blog http://www.thestorygetsdeeper.com (which has been frozen/removed). The project was estimated to have cost between $7 and $10 million dollars, and took about a year to create.
Rech: Coordinates: 50°30′48″N 7°2′11″E / 50.51333, 7.03639
Coupe de France 2001-02: 1918 • 1919 • 1920 • 1921 • 1922 • 1923 • 1924 • 1925 • 1926 • 1927 • 1928 • 1929 • 1930 1931 • 1932 • 1933 • 1934 • 1935 • 1936 • 1937 • 1938 • 1939 • 1940 • 1941 • 1942 • 1943 1944 • 1945 • 1946 • 1947 • 1948 • 1949 • 1950 • 1951 • 1952 • 1953 • 1954 • 1955 • 1956 1957 • 1958 • 1959 • 1960 • 1961 • 1962 • 1963 • 1964 • 1965 • 1966 • 1967 • 1968 • 1969 1970 • 1971 • 1972 • 1973 • 1974 • 1975 • 1976 • 1977 • 1978 • 1979 • 1980 • 1981 • 1982 1983 • 1984 • 1985 • 1986 • 1987 • 1988 • 1989 • 1990 • 1991 • 1992 • 1993 • 1994 • 1995 1996 • 1997 • 1998 • 1999 • 2000 • 2001 • 2002 • 2003 • 2004 • 2005 • 2006 • 2007 • 2008
Liutbert, Archbishop of Mainz: Liutbert or Ludbert (died 889) was the Archbishop of Mainz from 863 until his death. He also became Abbot of Ellwangen in 874 and is reckoned the first Archchancellor of Germany. He was one of the major organisers — along with Henry of Franconia — of the vigorous and successful defence of East Francia against Viking attack during his last decade.[1]
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Externsteine: The Externsteine are a distinctive rock formation located in the Teutoburger Wald region of northwestern Germany, not far from the city of Detmold at Horn-Bad Meinberg. The formation consists of several tall, narrow columns of rock which rise abruptly from the surrounding wooded hills. The name probably means "stones of the Egge".
Opera Multi Steel: Opera Multi Steel is a French coldwave/darkwave band founded in 1983/1984 by Franck Lopez (keyboards, guitars, bass recorders, percussions, backing and lead vocals), his brother Patrick L. Robin (lead and backing vocals, keyboards, recorders, percussions) and Catherine Marie (Keyboards, rhythm programming, voices). Eric Milhiet (keyboards, bass, guitars) joined the band in 1998.
List of tallest buildings in Australia: This is a list of the 25 tallest buildings in Australia. Observation towers, radio masts, chimneys and other structures are not included. Heights are measured to the structural height, which includes architectural elements, but not communications spires or antennae.
Mosque Street: This street is known as kit ling bio pi in Hokkien, which means "beside the King's temple".
Gerry Bertier: Bertier’s on-the-field portrayal in the film is almost entirely correct. As the team’s defensive captain, Bertier was a dominating force on the linebacking corps and received All-American honors following the team’s championship season. Although heralded as an exceptional leader on and off the football field, Bertier’s duties never included cutting fellow players from the team as he was shown doing in the film. In the film, Bertier speaks to Coach Boone about cutting Ray, an offensive lineman who intentionally failed to block for a black quarterback. In fact, Ray is a made up character for the film and Coach Herman Boone had a policy of allowing anyone who wanted to play to remain on the team as long as they practiced[7]
Carl Nickle: Lieutenant Carl Olof Nickle (July 12, 1914 - December 5, 1990) was an editor and publisher, oil baron, solider in the Canadian Army and served as a Canadian federal politician from 1951 to 1957.
Newsboy cap: The style was popular in Europe and the United States in the late 19th and early 20th centuries among both boys and adult men. As the name suggests, it is now associated with newspaper boys, and it is sometimes associated with wealthy golfers as well. Although traditionally a men's cap, recently the cap has become popular with women.
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British Olympic Association: BOA has been responsible for the United Kingdom being one of only three countries (with France and Switzerland) that have competed at all Summer Olympics and Winter Olympics since 1896. They also helped in hosting the 1908 and 1948 games, as well as the upcoming 2012.
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Hombre: Hombre, the Spanish word for "man" and sometimes used informally in English, may refer to:
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Swim (Feeder album): It made #15 on the UK indie chart, and #91 on the national chart.
Nergal (crater): Nergal crater is a crater on Jupiter's moon Ganymede. It has a distinctive ejecta blanket surrounding it that's darker nearer the craters and brighter further away. The inner region of the ejecta is characterized by a lobate appearance indicative of the flow of a liquid (or slushy) substance over the surface. The flow was probably icy surface material melted by the energy released during the impact that formed the crater.
Accountable Fundraising: Accountable Fundraising is the term coined by nycTIES used to describe a Non-profit organization holding its members "accountable" for their donations by showing them the direct impact of their fundraising efforts. This accountability usually comes in the form of a vote, where the members select a specific program or charity that they would like their money to go to.
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Moba: The activities of Moba is mostly agriculture, fishing and gold finding.
Autretot: Autretot is a village and commune of France, in the département of Seine-Maritime.
Trusenz: Currently residing in East London, South Africa Nzama also collaborates with Punk band Undignified under the name B.E.E.
Mirkan: Mirkan is a town in Badakhshan Province in north-eastern Afghanistan.[1]
Sauerbraten: For the Rhineland version the meat is marinated in vinegar, a sweetening agent such as sugar beet syrup, apple syrup, or sugar, and seasonings containing juniper cones and cloves, and then braised. The sauce contains raisins and often crushed lebkuchen spice cookies. The town of Eschweiler has a long horse butcher tradition, and sauerbraten is one of its culinary specialities.
Glycophorin: A Glycophorin is a sialoglycoprotein of the membrane of a red blood cell. It is a membrane-spanning protein and carries sugar molecules.
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