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List of Class B airports in the USA: The airspace around the busiest US airports is classified as ICAO Class B. The following airports in the United States are Class B:
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Returns from Troy: There Odysseus traveled disguised as an old beggar by Athena he was recognised by his dog Argus, who died in his lap. Then he discovered his wife Penelope had been faithful to him all these years despite the countless suitors that were eating and spending his property all these years. With his son Telemachus' help and that of Athena and Eumaeus the swineherd, killed all of them except Medon, who had been polite to Penelope, and Phemius, a local singer who had only been forced to help the suitors against Penelope. Penelope tested him and made sure it was him, and he forgave her. On the next day the suitor's relatives tried to revenge on him but they were stopped by Athena.
Misery Is a Butterfly: Misery Is a Butterfly is the sixth studio album by Blonde Redhead, released in 2004.
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Ventes-Saint-Rémy: Ventes-Saint-Rémy is a village and commune of France, in the département of Seine-Maritime.
The Message (MFG album): 1. Have A Nice Day (8:20) 2. Wonderland (9:19) 3. Brainwaves (9:03) 4. Walking On Ice (7:17) 5. Feel Like God (New Version) (9:22) 6. Rise & Fall (8:20) 7. Welcome To The Edge (8:17) 8. Dark Waters (9:06) 9. The Message (9:26)
Maverick Mountain Ski Area: Maverick Mountain Ski Area is an alpine ski area located in the Beaverhead National Forest in southwestern Montana used mainly by the residents of Dillon, Montana .
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Germane cognitive load: Germane load was first described by Sweller, van Merrienboer and Paas in 1998. While intrinsic cognitive load is generally thought to be immutable, instructional designers can manipulate extraneous and germane load. It is suggested that they limit extraneous load and promote germane load (Sweller, van Merrienboer & Paas, 1998).
Eddie Britt: Edward Joseph Britt (July 19, 1912 – November 1978) was an American football running back in the National Football League for the Boston/Washington Redskins and the Brooklyn Dodgers. He attended the College of the Holy Cross.
Kinkaid Lake: Kinkaid Lake is an artificial body of water located in southwestern Illinois. Entirely within Jackson County, the lake is approximately 5 miles northwest of Murphysboro and 100 miles southeast of St. Louis.
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ESP EX-50: ESP EX-50 is a guitar model distributed by ESP. It is and explorer that comes in black or silver
George Burton Drake: Drake attended Ridgeville College in Indiana where he met Ida Hattie Lawrence (b. April 14, 1872). They married on Dec 24, 1891. During this time he gave up all artistic endeavors to pursue a career in the ministry. Burty's wife Ida died shortly thereafter on March 24, 1893. In 1894 he moved to South Wardsboro, Vermont where he served as a congregational aide. There he met and married Nellie (Nell) Jennie Rice (Nov 9, 1870-Dec 23, 1966) in early 1895. In 1901 he moved back to western New York to look after his father due to John's failing health. On September 10, 1901, John Drake died in Pike, NY. Burty and his wife served Congregational Churches in Mount Hope, KS, Valley Falls, KS, Kansas City, KS, Minneapolis, Chicago and eventually to Old Orchard Church in Webster Groves, MO. George Burton Drake retired to McPherson, Kansas, where he died on September 20, 1942. Burty had one son, George Bryant Drake (Dec 8, 1895- Apr 26,1979), a minister and past President of Doane College (1942-1947), and a daughter, Ruth Nellie Drake (Dec 16, 1900-Nov 28, 1994), a renowned author; two grandsons, Dr. George Drake (former President of Grinnell College) and his brother, Professor Richard Drake (retired) of Berea College and a granddaughter, Jane Drake Erickson.
Dasia olivacea: India: Nicobar Islands, Philippine I, Natuna I, Singapore, Myanmar (= Burma) (Tenasserim), Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, West Malaysia (Pahang: Pulau Tioman, Johor: Pulau Sibu), Indonesia (Borneo, Sumatra, Pulau Simeulue, Nias, Singkep, Sembilan Islands, Java) Type locality: Prince of Wales' Island (= Pulau Pinang, West Malaysia)
Supermarine Sea Lion I: In need for a contender for the 1919 Schneider Trophy race Supermarine developed a racing flying boat as a modification of their Baby. The Baby was a single-seat biplane fighter flying boat powered by a 450hp Napier Lion engine in pusher configuration that had first flown in 1917.
Kuching-Kota Samarahan Expressway: Kuching-Kota Samarahan Expressway or Kuching Outer Ring Road, Federal Route ---- is an expressways in Kuching and Samarahan Division, Sarawak, Malaysia.
Zofia Kielan-Jaworowska: Zofia Kielan-Jaworowska (born on April 25, 1925) is a Polish paleobiologist. She was employed by the Instytut Paleobiologii of the Polska Akademia Nauk. She studied at Warsaw University. She worked as a nurse during the Warsaw Uprising.
Grungust: The Grungust series have a similar outlook overall. Being super robots, they are somewhat bulky with thick armor and are significantly larger in proportion to Personal Troopers. The body parts generally look very thick with simplistic, cartoon-like body lines. The color schemes of the Grungusts vary, but are usually portrayed in a garish red, blue, and yellow tri-color paintjob. Another distinctive feature is the large jet turbines mounted on the robot's shoulders.
Broadstone, Dublin: It was about this time that the majority of the houses in the area were constructed, as dwellings for workers on the railway. Most of the houses were built by the Artisan's Dwelling Company, which built many similar estates in Dublin and elsewhere, and houses of this type are now frequently described as Artisan cottages, regardless of their origin.
Saraydüzü: Saraydüzü is a town and district of Sinop Province in the Black Sea region of Turkey.
Requests for arbitration/Eyrian/Evidence: Arbitrators may analyze evidence and other assertions at /Workshop. /Workshop provides for comment by parties and others as well as Arbitrators. After arriving at proposed principles, findings of fact or remedies, Arbitrators vote at /Proposed decision. Only Arbitrators may edit /Proposed decision.
Dermacentor variabilis: Dermacentor variabilis, also known as the American dog tick or wood tick, is a species of tick that is known to carry bacteria responsible for several diseases in humans, including Rocky Mountain spotted fever and tularemia (Francisella tularensis). It is one of the most well-known of hard ticks. D. variabilis does not cause Lyme disease, which is caused by Borrelia burgdorferi carried by the deer tick Ixodes scapularis.
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Best Male Track Athlete ESPY Award: Between 1993 and 2004, the award voting panel comprised variously fans; sportswriters and broadcasters, sports executives, and retired sportspersons, termed collectively experts; and ESPN personalities, but balloting thereafter has been exclusively by fans over the Internet from amongst choices selected by the ESPN Select Nominating Committee.
Chen Qi (athlete): His personal best throw is 81.38 metres, achieved in May 2004 in Shijiazhuang.
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