Float Away Deconstructed: Float Away Deconstructed is an album released by the band Marah in 2005. It consists of demos from the band's 2002 release, Float Away With the Friday Night Gods.
QR decomposition: so we already have almost a triangular matrix. We only need to zero the (3, 2) entry.
Suspected sock puppets/TareTone: This follows a pattern of abuse and bad behaviour under his previous names:
Air de cour: Airs de cour show surprisingly little influence from the Italian early Baroque trends of monody and the madrigal, either in its polyphonic or its concertato form. This is all the more surprising as Italian musicians often worked in France, and the polyphonic and concertato forms of madrigal were being deeply influential in Germany at the same time. Emotional expression in the airs de cour, compared to that of the contemporary Italian madrigalists, is cool, classical and reserved, in keeping with contemporary French taste. Vocal range of the music is usually limited to one octave; dissonance and chromaticism are rare; and the overall simplicity of expression is striking.
United National Party: Unfortunately for Wickramasinghe and the UNP government, constant cease-fire breaches by the LTTE, including the constant stream of assassinations of military spies paved the way for nationalistic factions such as the JVP and its other cover organizations such as the Patriotic National Movement (Deesha Hithaishi Jathika Viyaparaya) to organize protests. They tried to convince the public that Wickramasinghe was giving too much away to the LTTE. Hardline Sinhalese Buddhist organizations such as the Sihala Urumaya (Sinhalese Heritage) criticized the government on the same lines and also for allegedly pandering to western evangelistic Christian organizations and thereby encouraging proselytizing and endangering Buddhism. The Sihala Urumaya would later rename themselves as Jathika Hela Urumaya (National Sinhalese Heritage) and put forward Buddhist Monks to contest in elections.
Alligatorbellow1.ogg: This file courtesy of our good friends at the United States Fish and Wildlife Service. I noticed that our "field recordings" section at WP:FS is empty, and I can't think of a better file to start us off. Used in alligator. Duration of the file is 24 seconds, and size is 293kb.
List of educational institutions in Delhi: This is a list of education institutions in Delhi, India.
Néron, Eure-et-Loir: Néron is a village and commune in the Eure-et-Loir département of northern-central France.
National Lampoon's Pucked: National Lampoon's Pucked is 2006 comedy film with Jon Bon Jovi in the main role
Greg Kolodziejzyk: Greg is embarking on 2 new world records. He is re-addressing the 24 hour boat record in the summer of 2008 and will be making a Ocean crossing by human power in 2009
Sergei Adian: Adian was born near Kirovabad. He grew up there in an Armenian family. He studied at Yerevan and Moscow pedagogical institutes. His advisor was P.S. Novikov. He has been working at Moscow State University since 1965. A.A. Razborov was one of his students.
LGBT rights in Lithuania: Discrimination is also banned in the area of employment. Homosexuals are not banned from serving in the military.
Thauvenay: Thauvenay is a commune in the Cher department in central France.
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Eurogamer: Eurogamer Portugal was launched in May 2008 and provides Portuguese-language games content in Eurogamer's familiar style and format, including TV and community functionality.
Polyvinyl alcohol: PVA is widely used in freshwater sport fishing. Small bags made from PVA are filled with dry- or oil-based bait and attached to the hook, or the baited hook is placed inside the bag and cast into the water. When the bag lands on the lake or river bottom it breaks down, leaving the hook bait surrounded by ground bait, pellets etc. This method helps attract fish to the hook bait, though it does result in dissolved plastic in the water.
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Magnus Åkerlund: Magnus Åkerlund's career stats at The Internet Hockey Database
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Łowkowice: While part of the Prussian Province of Silesia as Lowkowitz, the village was the place of birth and death of the apiarist Jan Dzierżon, the discoverer of parthenogenesis among bees. In 1936, Nazi Germany renamed the village Bienendorf (German for "Bee Village") in Dzierżon's honor and kept the name until 1945.[1] The village was placed under Polish administration following World War II and renamed to the traditional Polish name Łowkowice.
LSJ (disambiguation): LSJ is the common name of reference for A Greek-English Lexicon, from its editors, Liddell-Scott-Jones.
International conversations: Non-notable website per WP:WEB. Site has no Alexa listing and essentially no google hits on domain name. —Doug Bell talk 10:32, 16 December 2006 (UTC)
Stephen Kettle: Stephen Kettle (born 12 July 1966, in Castle Bromwich, England) is a British sculptor who works exclusively with slate. His best known works include Supermarine Spitfire designer R. J. Mitchell, commissioned for the Science Museum in London,[1] which was the first statue of its type in the world[citation needed]; and a life size statue of Alan Turing, the founder of computer science and Enigma codebreaker, commissioned by the American philanthropist Sidney E Frank for Bletchley Park in Buckinghamshire.[2]
Tommy Glaviano: Thomas Giatano Glaviano (born October 26, 1923 in Sacramento, California; died January 19, 2004 in Sacramento, California) was a third baseman in Major League Baseball.
English people of Grenadian descent: This contains English people of full or partial Grenadian descent, see the article Grenadian British
RAAF Station Archerfield: On 1 July 1942, the RAAF transferred control of the airfield to the United States Army Air Forces. Visitors to the station included General Douglas MacArthur and a young Gough Whitlam, then a navigator on a Lockheed Ventura.
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