The Odd Couple (album): In late January, an assumed leaked track appeared on several music blogs. "Run (I'm a Natural Disaster)", the previously unknown song, was given positive reviews from most music outlets.[1] "Run" was released as a digital download in the U.S. on February 5, 2008.
Jack Petticord: Jack Petticord (1898 Chicago, Illinois – 2 December 1940) was an American racecar driver.
26th Division (United Kingdom): The 26th Division was a unit of the British Army during World War I, the last division to be raised under the K3 elistment scheme. Although the division began to assemble in September 1914, it was not fully deployed on the Western Front until the following year. In November 1915, the division was redeployed to Salonika, where it remained until the end of the war. Demobilization began in February 1919, and the division was formally disbanded on 10 May 1919.
Konstantin Ramul: Ramul believed that history is dependent upon psychology, though the philosopher of science Ernest Nagel criticized him for "not stat[ing] clearly the type of psychological investigation which is relevant to the historian's task" (Nagel 1934, pp. 599-600).
John Paisley: At the time of his death the House Select Committee on Assassinations was hearing testimony on the defection of Yuri Nosenko. Nosenko claimed he had personally evaluated Lee Harvey Oswald for service in the KGB.
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Bottighofen: It is located on Lake Constance, across the border from Konstanz in Germany.
Paul Chase (educator): Paul Chase is the current Dean of the University of Wisconsin-Barron County located in Rice Lake, Wisconsin. In addition to serving as dean of the college, Chase also is an Associate Professor of History, teaching a few classes a semester.
Ian Stephens (poet): Stephens was also a regular writer for the Montreal Mirror, contributing book reviews and a 1994 cover story, "A Weary State of Grace", on living with AIDS.
Pioneer CLD-D703: Pioneer introduced the 703 in 1994 to provide an upper-mid-range "stop gap" model to fit in between the CLD-D503, a lower-mid-range player, and the more expensive units in the "Elite" lineup. Although it lacked an AC-3 output for transmission of Dolby Digital sound, it did include many high-end features including coaxial + optical audio output, twin 1-bit digital to analog converters, digital field memory (to allow for freeze frame and slow motion options on CLV discs), digital noise reduction, time base correction and back lit remote control. For 1995 Pioneer upgraded the player, adding the AC-3 output and rebadging it as the CLD-D704. Other than the AC-3 output, the player was largely the same.
Table Talk (Cape Town): The Table Talk is a local newspaper in the Table Bay region of Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa.
Old World warbler: Sibley & Ahlquist (1990) united the "Old World warblers" with the babblers and other taxa in a superfamily Sylvioidea as a result of DNA-DNA hybridisation studies. This demonstrated that the Muscicapidae as initially defined were a form taxon which collected entirely unrelated songbirds. Consequently, the monophyly of the individual "songster" lineages themselves was increasingly being questioned.
1850s establishments: Organizations, places or other things founded or established in the 1850s.
Elf Princess Rane: Elf Princess Rane (妖精姫レーン, Yousei Hime Reine?), also known as Fairy Princess Ren, is an anime OVA directed by Akitaro Daichi. It was released on VHS and DVD in North America by Media Blasters. The North American release contains a preview for a third OVA episode that was never produced; it's listed as an "evil preview."
Teddy Peterson: Teddy Peterson is the high-pitched voice studio usher character on the Garner Andrews Show on Sonic 102.9, an FM radio station in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Each morning he has a short segment in which he tells a joke (usually with an odd sense of humour) and then says in response to his audience's imagined laughter, "Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Now silence! Silence I say! For... can't you see we're trying to do a show here? Now here's another steaming pantload of the Garner Andrews Show on The Sonic!"
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Ohrdruf Priory: In 1991 a second Carmelite monastery, the Karmel St. Elija, was set up here in a new building dedicated on 15 October, the feast of the Carmelite Saint Teresa of Avila.
The Image (novel): The Image (or in French "L'Image") is a classic 1956 sadomasochistic erotic novel, written by Catherine Robbe-Grillet and published under the pseudonym of Jean de Berg.
Realty Income Corporation: The company primarily invests in free-standing retail properties.
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East Krotz Springs, Louisiana: East Krotz Springs is the name of a ghost town that was located in Pointe Coupee Parish's 1st Ward, approximately 12 miles west of Livonia, Louisiana (USA). The site of the town itself is located at coordinates 30°32'52.80"N, 91°44'42.41"W, and is covered or partially covered by the current U.S. Route 190 roadway. It is located on the east bank of the Atchafalaya River directly across from Krotz Springs, near the intersection of Louisiana Highway 975 and US-190.
Makino Chikashige: Chikashige was part of a cadet branch of the Makino which was created in 1633.[3] The Makino were installed at Sekiyado Domain in Shimōsa province in 1644. From 1668 through the Meiji Restoration, the descendants had holdings at Tanabe Domain (35,000 koku) in Tango.[3] Descendants lived from 1634 through 1868 at Mineyama Domain (11,000 koku) in Echigo province.[4]
Erich Rudorffer: In the winter of 1944, Major Rudorffer was trained on the Messerschmitt Me 262 Jet fighter. In February 1945 he was recalled to command I./ JG 7. Between December 1944 and beginnig of April 1945 the I./JG 7 operated from the then newly-built Luftwaffe Airbase in Kaltenkirchen north of Hamburg. So he seems to have been Group Commander more or less for the one month of March 1945. He scored twelve victories with the Me 262[1], to bring his total to 222.
Geltungsjude: Geltungsjude was the nonofficial term for persons that were considered Jews by the first supplementary decree to the Nuremberg Laws from November 14, 1935. The term wasn't used officially, but was coined because the persons were considered (gelten in German) Jews rather than exactly belonging to any of the categories of the previous Nuremberg Laws.
Chinese Edible Frog: Rana tigrina ssp. pantherina Steindachner, 1867
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