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Asher Levy: Levy appears also as a prominent trader at Fort Orange (Albany). It is likely that he was responsible for the rebuke given to Stuyvesant by the directors in Holland during the same year because of his refusal to permit Jews to trade there. Levy was also one of the first licensed butchers in the colony. In 1657, the burgher right was made absolutely essential for certain trading privileges, and within two days of a notice to that effect Asser Levy appeared in court requesting to be admitted as a burgher. The officials expressed their surprise at such a request. The record reads: "The Jew claims that such ought not to be refused him as he keeps watch and ward like other burghers, showing a burgher's certificate from the city of Amsterdam that the Jew is a burgher there." The application was denied, but Levy at once brought the matter before Stuyvesant and the council, which, mindful of the previous experience, ordered that Jews should be admitted as burghers (April 21, 1657).
Slyne Head Lighthouse: Slyne Head Lighthouse is located at westernmost point of County Galway, about 12 kilometres (7 mi) southwest of Doonlaughan, Ireland. There are two lighthouses on this point built in 1836 but only the West one remains active. Maintain by Commissioners of Irish Lights (CIL).
Tout Alizée: The album debuted at number sixty-two in the Mexican Top 100 Albums Chart, and number eighteen on the International Top 20 Albums Chart.[3][4]
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History Will Absolve Me: Castro's speech contained numerous evocations of the "father of Cuban independence" José Martí, whilst depicting Batista as a tyrant. According to Castro, Batista was a "monstrum horrendum ... without entrails" who had committed an act of treachery in 1933 when he initiated a coup to oust Cuban president Ramón Grau. Castro went on to speak of the "700,000 unemployed workers", launching an attack on Cuba's extant healthcare and schooling asserting that 30% of Cuba's farm people couldn't even write their own names.
European Olympic Committees: In the following table, the year in which the NOC was recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is also given if it is different from the year in which the NOC was created.
Sol (newspaper): Sol (Portuguese for Sun) is a Portuguese weekly national newspaper published every Saturday. It was first published in September 16, 2006. Sol was founded by José António Saraiva with the premise to compete with the long-established Expresso.
Peer review/Emma Goldman/archive1: Sources: there is a lot of good material about Goldmann on the web, and I think your selection of external links is excellent. But the reader needs more information about the relationship between these websites and your text. To this end, you need to divide the links into a References section (=material used for the article) and an External links section (=further reading). (I don't know if maybe the second category would be empty, I should think you've used most or all of the websites.) Anyway, I think it would lift the encyclopedic quality of the text if you also engaged with your sources in the text itself. Bishonen | Talk 21:10, 5 Feb 2005 (UTC)
Hunyad: Hunyad county was formed in the Middle Ages. It was first attested in 1265 as Hungnod by the Papal Quitrent Register. In 1876, when the administrative structure of Transylvania was changed, its territory was modified. In 1918 (confirmed by the Treaty of Trianon 1920), the county became part of Romania. Most of its territory lies in the present Romanian county Hunedoara; a strip in the east is now part of Alba.
Afaahiti: Afaahiti is a village in Tahiti. It is located on Tahiti-Iti (little Tahiti) close to the Plateau of Taravao, which connects Tahiti-Nui (big Tahiti) to Tahiti-Iti. The area is rural with an abundance of lush, natural beauty and many small villages. The official languages are French and Tahitian. The currency is the Pacific franc (XPF). Population as of 2006 was 5,186.
Max Arthur: Previous titles include The Manchester United Air Crash; Above All Courage; Northern Ireland: Soldiers Talking; Men of the Red Beret; There Shall Be Wings: The RAF 1918 to the Present; The True Glory: The Royal Navy 1914 to Present.
Elementis: Elementis plc (LSE: ELM) is one of the UK's largest speciality chemicals business. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange.
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Frank Grimes: This is a one episode character from the Simpsons. He has no real notability besides the one episode, his arguably notable death, and a few cameos(by family and grave). The article should be merged/redirected to the episode he comes from or an appropriate character list. Nemu 23:21, 12 March 2007 (UTC)
Upstate: The term upstate refers to the northernly portion of at least three U.S. states; those parts further inland and away from the Atlantic Ocean:
Jaborri: The village has numerous problems, in 1992 it was heavily flooded, in October 2005 it was struck by an earthquake - the effects of which are have had an impact on the people. There is no hospital in the whole valley.
Odherwal: Odherwal is a village and Union Council, an administrative subdivision, of Chakwal District in the Punjab Province of Pakistan, it is part of Chakwal oudherwal is full of kahoot family .baba oudher was the first kahoot who came here in mughals era after some time baba shah zain came here . mair minhas rajpoot came when baba abdulshakoor famous saint of oudherwal migrated from dhab kalan baba shib was the great administrator who was followed by his son.that time odherwal became the famouse school of teaching of quraan and islamic eduction. students from foraway palces came this village to get islamic knowldge and for hifz.after the death of baba abdulshakoor baba muhammad lateef (who came from jhamra and baba sahib gave him khilafat)became spirtual teacher he was followed by his son muhammad ashraf after his death his son was the torch bearer who was gul ahmad and he was folowed by his son muhammad shah and after his death his son hayat muhammad became the gaddi nasheen. after the death of hazrat hayt muhammad one of his cousion burhan deen bcame the gaddi nasheen who was followed by his grand son muhammad mahsoom and whe hazrat deparured in 1955 his brother muhammad lateef became spirtual leader. these saints were hafiz and they taught quraaan mageed and there students were all over the world they ere all awan( alvies qutab shahi ) came from jhamra (wanhar )which is in kallar khhar tehseel. beatiful sharine of baba abdulshakoor baba muhammad mahsoom and muhammad lateef situated in the village in oudherwal main castes are kahoot, miar minhas, gondal and awan.
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Newbottle, Northamptonshire: Newbottle woods is located nearby to the small settlement and is a hotspot for local horse riders, bikers, dog walkers and walkers in general. The main entrance to the woods can be found on the T-junction between Charlton and Kings Sutton.
Naiduniya: Naidunia is a leading Hindi newspaper of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is headquartered in Indore. It is published from Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior, Jabalpur, Raipur and Bilaspur. Naidunia was established on 5th June 1947 and it got INS Membership on 26th April 1959.
Salivary gland: The main duct of the salivary glands ultimately empties into the mouth. Salivary glands release saliva that dilutes the acid found in the stomach.
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Loco, Oklahoma: There were 67 households out of which 22.4% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 50.7% were married couples living together, 9.0% had a female householder with no husband present, and 34.3% were non-families. 28.4% of all households were made up of individuals and 17.9% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older. The average household size was 2.24 and the average family size was 2.68.
George L. Mabry, Jr.: Mabry reached the rank of major general before leaving the Army. He died at age 72 and was buried at Holy Cross Episcopal Church in Stateburg, South Carolina.
Middle Creek (Opequon Creek): Middle Creek's source is located on the eastern foothills of North Mountain (1644 feet/501 m) southwest of Martinsburg. From its headwaters, Middle Creek is a small meandering stream that curves southward paralleling Poorhouse Road until its junction with West Virginia Route 45. Throughout this stretch, Middle Creek is joined by a number of spring-fed streams off of North Mountain, most of which are used for watering animals on the area's farmlands. After it passes beneath WV 45, Middle Creek continues its course to the southeast near the community of Arden. The stream is dammed numerous times to create small lakes and ponds, as well as light rapids. Middle Creek passes under Interstate 81 and U.S. Highway 11 before it meanders to the east through the town of Darkesville. From Darkesville, Middle Creek meanders through a series of gorges created by rolling hills before its confluence with Opequon Creek.
Long Branch Public Schools: Long Branch Public Schools is a comprehensive community public school district that serves students in prekindergarten through twelfth grade in the city of Long Branch, in Monmouth County, New Jersey, United States. The district is one of 31 Abbott Districts statewide.[1]
Jocelyne Couture-Nowak: In May of 2008, Virginia Tech named Couture-Nowak's surviving husband Jerzy Nowak as the founding director of its newly created Center for Peace Studies and Violence Prevention.[19]
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